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What a Weekend!!

It’s Monday morning, and while I will admit that just staying in bed sounded fantastic this morning, I can’t complain because we had a wonderful weekend!  Although Alex had a big paper to work on that is due this week, he decided to put it on hold and enjoy a stress free (but fun filled) weekend.  We were able to spend time with family and friends – some of which we see so rarely – and celebrate Evan.

Last week our crib and rocker/ottoman arrived.  It was such a hectic week that we didn’t have time to do much with it other than be excited that it was here.  On Friday night Alex decided to assemble everything.  It was so fun and exciting to see Evan’s room begin to take shape.  Alex did an amazing job and everything looked so great when he was finished!  I can’t believe we have an assembled crib in our house – it makes everything feel much more real!  I had a little oversight with our rocker…when I ordered it, the website said that there were optional slipcovers that could be added.  I didn’t get one, because the base of the chair was white and I thought that would look great in his room.  Well…it turns out that you really have to have a slipcover.  The material that the chair is made of is a type of batting that just can’t be left on it’s own.  SO…it the middle of Alex’s assembly session Friday night I was online ordering a slipcover.  They didn’t have a white one, so we went with a chocolate brown which I am now really excited about!  :)  Here is a picture of the crib and chair as they are now…

On Saturday, we were so incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate Evan with our family and friends at our baby shower.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  So many people worked so hard to make the day special and it absolutely was.  Evan is already so fortunate to have such amazing support and love all around him.  Thank you so much to everyone who made this day so special for our family.  We had several friends that were able to be here from out of town and so after the shower we went to dinner and the local haunted corn maze.  It ended up being an absolutely hilarious night that I will always remember.  :)

On Sunday we had some friends over to carve pumpkins and have dinner.  Always fun to do!!  I’m not known for my pumpkin carving skills, but I have fun and ended up with a happy looking pumpkin that, if nothing else, makes me smile…

Alex’s pumpkin was of course much better and much more complex…but all in all I think our pumpkins make a nice pair. :)


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