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our week in review: 1.29-2.4


I’m writing this post because I have been spending some time evaluating the purpose of “Our Life.”  This blog is meant to be about life, love, and family – not just about the big moments and milestones – but about the little things too.  I want to chronicle the daily interactions, the ups and downs, the simple beauty of a family date or a get together with friends – not just the complex realities of learning to walk (that post is coming soon…).  So, in an effort to do share Our Life with you, here is our week in review.

Last Week

This week brought lots of fun in the form of “ordinary” days.  We rang in the second month of 2012 with a bit of shock at how quickly the first one passed us by.

We had Evan’s one year doctor’s appointment.  He did really well – although he definitely was not a fan multiple shots and blood work.  He bounced back quickly though!  He showed off all of his “tricks” for the doctor and the nurses – blowing kisses, chatting, and walking to name a few.

We went to Week 2 of Kindermusik class.  Evan still loved it and did really well.  His favorite part of class is getting to bang together the wooden sticks and ring the bells.  His least favorite part of class is putting away the wooden sticks and the bells. :)

Evan has been going to the nursery at church since he was about 6 weeks old.  He always did so well until the Fall when we were traveling so much and he was out for several weeks.  Since then, he developed a bit of separation anxiety and always cries when we leave him.  It literally lasts until he gets into the room with his friends and toys and then he plays, has a blast, and doesn’t want to leave.  Well, this week was the first week since then that he didn’t cry when I dropped him off!  Yay for little miracles! :)

Daddy got a new toy and Evan really loves playing with it too!!

I was reminded of the “wonder of a child” when Evan discovered the children’s wing at church for the first time on his own.  We have walked past it a million times, but he walked over on his own the other day and was just completely in love.  He will have a great time there…but not for another few years!!  We are in no hurry for you to grow up, little one!

We had a crazy fun game night with friends!  We learned how to play a new card game (Nerts) and ate way too many Skittles!  I wouldn’t mind a repeat of that every week – except for the whole staying up till 2am thing – I don’t do so well with that anymore! :)

We watched the Super Bowl with some great friends and about 50 college students from the group we work with at our church.  Evan got to play with some friends and get loved on by lots of people!  We all had a great night!


Coming Up

The upcoming week will no doubt be fun, but I’m thankful that our calendars aren’t packed full! We still have some organization work from our move that I would love to finish up!  I am off work on Friday, but I’m  hoping to reserve that day for lots of play time with my favorite one year old!!

Here is this week’s menu!

Monday:  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Soup (I will probably have Tomato soup and I imagine Alex will have some Chicken Tortilla soup)

Tuesday:  My dad’s birthday party! Yay!

Wednesday:  Veggie Bake from Finding Hope

Thursday:  Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches from Weight Watchers

Friday:  Spicy Beef Roast from My Happy Meals


We are linking up our meal plan with Finding Hope for Meal Planning Monday!  Go stop by and schedule your meals for the week!  Let us know what you pick!  We are always looking for new suggestions!



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