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Our Life

the sweetest words.

One of my favorite things about this blog is that in many ways it serves as a “virtual baby book” for our sweet Evan.  It documents our family and is something that we can look back on throughout his life.  The other purposes of the blog may shift a bit as time passes, but through it all I want this to tell our story – his story.

So, let me tell you about the sweetest words I have ever heard.  Let’s get one thing straight up front – Evan loves his daddy.  They have such a special relationship – the joy that I have when I watch them together is unrivaled.  For many months Evan has rattled off the word “daddy.”  Even before he fully understood what it meant, it was one of his very favorite sounds to make/things to say.  It quickly became clear that he was not so fond of saying mommy.  Our conversations would go something like this…

Us: “Evan, say ‘daddy’”
Evan:  “Daddy!”
Us: “Yay! Okay, Evan, say ‘mommy’”
Evan: “Daddy!!”

It was pretty hilarious – even I can admit that.  I finally stopped asking him to say it.  I knew that he would when he felt like it.

I wish I could remember the day, the moment, that I heard my new favorite word.  The sweetest word.


Forget about that first letter – he doesn’t need it.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  He walks around calling for “daddy” and “ommy” now.  If you are questioning the cuteness – just stop – I mean, have you seen this precious being? ;)

I get sad when I realize that one day he will stop saying it.  It’s one of those ‘lasts’ – the things that slip away and happen for the last time unannounced.  There is no fanfare, not even a realization – they just stop happening.  So, I will take my sweet boy and his sweet words and make the most of each and every moment.

Because you know what?  I love being his ommy.


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