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quit complaining! {my new mantra}

It’s Friday which means I am typically in a fabulous mood waiting for the work day to pass and ready to launch into a weekend with my favorite guys. Being in a good frame of mind means that it’s an excellent time to reflect on the week and what I could/should do differently for next week.  My solid, heartfelt instruction to myself this week – quit complaining! I would like to think that I don’t constantly complain about things, because in all honesty I love my life.  However, I am well aware of the fact that I complain much too often and I could use a makeover in this area.  I want to be characterized as someone who speaks positive, encouraging words that bring life – not depressing, downcast words that leave others feeling discouraged.  Let’s be real – no one likes a complainer. I want to use my words wisely – because they are powerful!

Last week I listened to an awesome podcast by Holly Furtick at Elevation Church.  In part of her message she talked about complaining and shared about something she had done with a small group involving a bracelet that you switched back and forth on your wrists anytime you complained.  This sounded pretty interesting, so I thought I would look into it a little more. The idea is based out of a book by Will Bowen from Christ Church in Missouri.  Essentially, he gave everyone in his church a bracelet and encouraged them to “move the bracelet from one wrist to the other every time they caught themselves being cranky, nagging, whiny, mean-spirited or critical.”  The thought behind this is that becoming aware of when and how often we complain is a major step in changing that habit.  I haven’t read his book, but I am a fan of the bracelet idea and I’m giving it a shot with a friend of mine. I’ll report back on our progress.  :)  You could obviously do this with any bracelet, but Holly bought bracelets for her group from the A21 campaign – a group that helps fight human trafficking.  Maybe this would also be a way to support a charity that you love – 2 positives at once – yes, please!

Complaining doesn’t only impact the people around us, but it can really bring us down.  Filling our mind with negative thoughts is a surefire way to have a terrible, unfulfilled day.  I think this is why we are encouraged to think about positive, pure, lovely truths – this will bring peace to your mind and a smile to your face.  And trust me – I know this is so much easier to say than to actually do – especially when you have a valid reason to be complaining!  Just try to keep in mind that even though your frustrations are completely legitimate it’s really not beneficial to you or anyone else around you to stay in that negative place and dwell on it.  Being able to let it go and move forward is only going to make you feel better.  Give it a shot!

So, my goal is to cut out the complaining – I may need you all to occasionally remind me of this!  Any thoughts or suggestions about things that have helped you stay positive?


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3 thoughts on “quit complaining! {my new mantra}

  1. Kayse Pratt

    love this! i find i am much less complain-y when i try to focus on things i’m grateful for. keeping a gratefulness journal or listing them somewhere helps me to keep my eyes on the things i’ve been given instead of the things i think i’m missing out on. in fact, i need to get back to that. :) thanks for your post!

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