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our love story: reflecting on 12 years

Do you remember high school?  The majority of my high school years have blurred together and I struggle to remember things with a lot of clarity or detail.  I remember the people, the places, the main events – but a lot of the details have faded.  I remember long classes, football games, and cafeteria pizza.  I also remember a boy.

You see, 12 years ago I sat in a high school English class and passed notes with a boy.  He was so nice, smart, and really really cute! :) That day as we scribbled out anything on our mind to just keep the conversation going, I had no idea who this boy would become to me.

He would be my high school crush.

He would be my first kiss.

He would be my first love.

He would be my prom date.

He would be my best friend.

He would be my defender.

He would be the very best shoulder to cry on.

He would be my college study partner.

He would be my home handyman.

He would be my traveling companion.

He would be my personal chef.

He would be my husband.

On May 4, 2000 two high school freshmen began a relationship that would unexpectedly grow and become stronger day by day.  12 years later we find ourselves more in love than ever before.  That cute boy that sat next to me in English class has become part of me.  He knows me better than I even imagine.  He has traveled the world with me.  He has stood next to me on the very best and the very worst days of my life. I could not ask for a better partner in this life.

Alex – thank you for the last 4383 days.  I can not imagine a single one of them without you beside me.  You are the most amazing husband and father that I could have ever dreamed of.  Thank you for being consistent.  Thank you for being strong.  Thank you for being you.

12 years.

626 weeks.

4383 days.

105,192 hours.

6,311,520 minutes.

378,691,200 seconds.

i love you. always.



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