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It’s Birthday Week!


Today kicks off Evan’s birthday week.  Our kindhearted, Toy Story loving, superhero is turning 3!




It’s so hard to believe that it has been three years since that amazing day that he entered the world.  I look back on that day and the year that followed as a time that I truly learned more about life and love and who I really was.  Throughout my pregnancy, I knew that I was already a mom – I had a child – he was growing inside me, hearing my heart beat from within – he was part of me.  But on that day – January 14, 2011 – I felt a shift in my identity.  I was someone’s mommy.  This child I was holding would grow, change, find joy, experience grief – but through it all, I would be his mom every single day for the rest of my life.

Alex and I were so excited to be parents, but I don’t think we had any idea how much joy Evan was going to bring to our lives.  As an almost 3 year old, he succeeds in making us laugh hysterically multiple times each day.  His imagination and creativity truly amaze me.  His stubborn streak can be a mile long, but that just makes him fit in well with his parents.

As I was preparing for his birthday, I looked back at this video that Alex made for Evan’s first birthday – it could not be more perfect and I wanted to share it again this week.  I also went back and I’m sharing a few of my favorite ‘Evan’ posts from his first year (I didn’t do a very good job blogging during year 2 – sorry ya’ll!). I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane at least half as much as I did.



Well of course the day he was born

and before we knew it, the first three months had flown by.

We had to learn how to do regular tasks, like grocery shopping, with an infant.

As he grew, he expanded his range of things he liked to eat

and did some modeling with daddy.

He started crawling, and learned how to take the best pictures ever.

He taught us lessons and found his very favorite toy.

He painted his first pumpkin and established his love of fall and Halloween just like his dad.

And, of course, he partied hard at his first birthday.


Happy birthday week, sweet boy.


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